How You Add Binding To Quilt Using The Sewing Machine

Are you interested in learning how can you add binding to the quilt using the sewing machine? If yes, then do give this article a thorough read. Well, there are probably various ways in order to bind your quilt using the sewing machine.

If you are the one who enjoys working on the hand sewing machine then surely you can do this quite comfortably. Let’s now look upon a few of the ways how you can go on to add binding to the quilt of yours.

Grain Quilt Binding

This is for the double binding which has a couple of thicknesses. The single binding is usually done via using the one layer of the fabric and then folding it across on to itself. Use the straight of a grain fabric for all your quilts. If the quilt got the curved edges then you may tend to utilize the bias binding.

The Width Of The Binding Strips

For all your quilt you can cut your strips around 2 ½ of inches width of a fabric. For the mug rugs and the mini quilts, you may cut the binding strips into 2 ¼ of inches. You need to equalize the circumference of the quilt and then add the sides of the quilt altogether and then go on to add around 6-10 inches.

Piecing The Strips Together

There are normally two ways in order to join the fabric strips. Generally one sew them together diagonally. Well, there are times where you get short on the fabric and then one will just go on to sew a pretty normal seam to add the strips all together.

One might find it pretty easier when you mark the diagonal line and then carry on doing until all strips are added. One may get the best heavy duty sewing machine, in order to carry out such process.