Instagram Marketing Strategy For Small Scale Business: Promising Tactics That Work.

Social Media plays a crucial role when it comes to expanding your business. Instagram, the recent social media platform which has increasingly become highly popular, is the best place to start with. For promoting business on a small scale, Instagram provides an on-demand promotion scheme which charges the page holder according to the size of target audience reached. Sometimes, because of unplanned style of working, even that feature doesn’t help expand the client base and the users lose their money, and only disappointment remains in their pockets. At Momentology, we’ve designed some real strategies that would really work wonders for you.

Helpful strategies for hiking up your client base:

  • Be an enthusiast: Staying active is the key to show Instagram that you are an authentic user and will engage more by the day to get involved. The more organic client base you have, the more relevant Instagram thinks your page is.
  • Regular Story Updates: Cook your story page in an ultra-creative way so that the viewer can actually develop interest and the story becomes a head turner.People spend more time viewing stories as it acts as a daily dose of updates and as they disappear in twenty four hours, people view stories, the first thing when they open Instagram.
  • Precise use of hashtags: Users follow a wide range of hashtags to get a customised and specifically tailored feed. You can easily observe that usually all the posts carry a whole group of hashtags which is actually helpful to build an organic client-base. Users who are really interested in a specific field follow respective hashtags, through which a large audience is targeted.

There are a lot of other ways to expand your reach for example by putting Call In Action everywhere in the stories, giving your page a strong and unique theme, exploring and researching on your feed’s content and much more. Follow these handy tips and keep growing!