Kroger Offers Shoppers New E-Coupon Option

Saving money on everyday items you must have is something a lot of people would be interested in doing. If you can save money on the things you need to buy, you could have more money for the things you want to buy or to put into your savings. Starting November 2007, nationwide retailer Kroger and its family of grocery stores are allowing you an easier and more convenient way to save. You can use Lowes 20 percent off coupon to get discount on your shopping bills. These printable e-coupons are really easy to use and are effective in saving money as well.

P  amp; G Esaver is now available for Kroger customers. The E-saver is the online version of product giant Proctor and Gamble’s monthly coupon booklet. You have no doubt seen the print version show up in your local Sunday paper every month. It contains coupons for your favorite health and beauty and home products made by Proctor and Gamble. The online version contains the very same coupons and is more user friendly.

Before when you wanted to use a traditional coupon, you had to find it and then cut it out. Then you had to remember to take it to the store and most importantly remember to use it at the checkout. With the E-saver customers simply go to Click on the P  amp; G E-saver link, select up to 25 coupons you would like to add to your customer card, then enter your card number. In as little as one hour those coupons are added to your card.

You simply shop; remembering to purchase the items you selected coupons for, then swipe your card at the checkout, and the savings are automatically applied to your purchase. These are available for all Kroger stores and the following stores owned by Kroger, Ralph’s, King Soopers, Fry’s, Smith’s, Dillons, QFC, JayC and City Market.

The downside of this service is that you are allowed only to add 25 coupons per month to your card and they remain there until they expire even after you have used them. You are also limited to only one of each coupon on the card. If your store regularly doubles or triples some coupons, you will be better off clipping those that can be doubled or tripled and using the actual coupon because the coupons on the E-saver will not be doubled regardless of the coupon policy for your store.

I recommend that you write the amounts, varieties and sizes of the items you add coupons for on your shopping list. Unlike paper coupons there’s no visual reference to go by in the store. You don’t want to spend 15 minutes trying to remember the brand and size of the toothpaste you added the e-coupon for.

Will this revolutionize the coupon world? No, probably not. But for most consumers who hate the clutter or feel some sort of shame for using coupons to save a buck this could be very helpful to their bottom line.