Troubles With Warhammer Online – Web Site Review

If you are a fan of World of Warcraft then you to might find Warhammer Online to be something of interest, but as I recently found out, there can be some problems with this game and purchasing it as well as how to get started. Here are some things that everyone should know before even attempting to purchase this game, to save you the trouble that you might go through later on. You can check out idn poker asia for a more simplified gaming website. You can easily navigate through the website as you look for free online games.

Buying the Game Card Troubles

Just like World Of Warcraft you have to buy a monthly card to be able to actually play the game. There is only one problem with this and that is there is no place of yet to really find these cards except for the internet. My mother and I found this out after spending all Christmas Eve looking for a card for my brother, we could not find it at Game Stop, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart. This needless made us a little mad because the women at Game Stop had told us that there was a card provided in the case when you bought the game and that you were able to get 30 days free, of course this women had no idea what she was talking about. This is actually how it really works, is you buy the game for $19.99 and then you have to go out and buy a game card. Once the game card is activated then they will also provide you with 30 days free. So essentially you are not getting something for free, it is actually a buy one get one free deal. This is something that the company that makes this product should state on the box instead of saying you get 30 days FREE because that is not at all the way it works. So after spend all day trying to find the game card I gave up and decided that I would try and get it from the website, this turn out to be more of a hassle then it was worth. There is a link on Warhammer Online that will let you get the game cards there, but be for warned that if you are using PayPal be very careful. I got a message saying that my debit card had been declined and so I thought ok I will just buy it from a website that would let me use my PayPal debit card. I did end up getting it to go through another website, which I had problems with but that is a review for another time. When going to check my PayPal account I noticed that there was an extra charge from warhammer online, they had started processing my request for a game card. I am not sure, but when you decline a card, that means that you cannot charge it. So if you do decide to use this method of payment and if gets declined, check and make sure before buying another game card that it has not been credited to your account.

Free Trial Download Is Not Free

They have a spot on their website that states endless trial forever free download now. This is ok if you are looking to purchase Warhammer Online, but if you already have the game do not fall for this. This is in no means free like they state, instead it will end up costing $19.99. What it is, is a way for you to download the game straight to your computer and is in no way refundable if you have the game already and make the purchase. So do not be a sucker and just click on it because it says free because it is by no means that. You will end up spending your time with customer service trying to get everything sorted out.

Warhammer Online Customer Service

Warhammer Online although it’s many flaws does have great customer service. They havecustomer service on the actual online game were you can talk to a representative while playing. They also have a way for you to contact them over the phone and they make it quick and simple to answers you might have for them. As far as online games go they get about 4-5 stars on their customer service mainly because you do have to only contact them from and e-mail and wait for them to get back to you.

Warhammer Online might be a good option for all of you that are a fan to World Of Warcraft or Role Playing games, but be careful when it comes to buying from their direct website or even trying to finding their games cards other then online.