Angels Online: Tips and Tricks

Angels Online is an exciting and rewarding 2DMMORPG. The game features a unique and engaging gameplay system that rewards active involvement with fast character growth. The keys to succeeding and dominating in Angels Online lay in the earliest stages of the game. If you establish a firm groundwork with which to build your character, you greatly enhance your ability to become an Angels Online master. You can visit jasabola88 for more tips for Angels online. This is a really intuitive and engaging game that you can play online. You can have a seamless online gaming experience as well.

When beginning your Angels Online adventure, you will start out at the college for new players called Angel Lyceum. Here you will be trained from a Little Angel to an Angel Protector that is responsible for guarding Eden against Lucifer. You will learn numerous skills during your time at Angel Lyceum, including the basic functions such as equipping items, buying items, fighting, reading and using the map, quests and an explanation of the interface. At this stage of the game, it will also be necessary to choose an occupation. This is one area that separates Angels Online from other RPGs… you don’t need to wait to level up to a certain job, you can select it from the outset.

Once the first steps of college are completed, you will be spawned on the campus of Angel Lyceum. Your first mission will be to register with Director Wolay. After you have been assigned a battle professor, magic professor and mine professor, you can start to build up student credits by doing various lessons. These lessons will generally center on defeating particular villains in a skillful fashion. While attaining credit, you will also be building experience points to ready you for Top Student Training. That’s why Angel Lyceum is so important, as an optional aspect of the game many players opt to skip over it but by going through the training process, you can start your character with accumulated experience and skill which will only exponentially increase throughout the game.

After you have attained the necessary credits to graduate, you will receive your diploma from Angel Lyceum and become an Angel Protector. At this point, you will be given a choice of city to protect in and from there the game will begin. During this stage, you can easily learn about each city before choosing one, though you can easily change cities for a fee. After selecting a city, you will be transported and required to register with the City Angel. At this point, you should have fifteen experience points from completing student training. Another useful, though optional, mission that you can complete to improve your character is to attain a degree from the Top Student Training Institute. To do this, you need to gain access to the underground palace which is located near the East and West Lyceum Playgrounds. You need to defeat a powerful monster called Qiuaner to gain access to the palace to begin your training. It is very likely necessary that you will only defeat Qiuaner if you are travelling in a group. But completing this optional mission has serious rewards including a massive boost in your experience and a celestial weapon. It is clear that these optional gameplay elements can make a huge difference. Don’t pass them up!