Guide to Eve Online

If you are starting out on Eve online it probably looks very intimidating. However, don’t worry – this simple guide will teach you how to work your way through even after you finish the tutorial. This requires time and patience but if you stick to it and keep on trying you will be on your way in no time. A game of Bandarqq takes you through similar short and easy steps.

The purpose of this guide is to help you in the field of mining and production. If you have not already done so, research Industry to level 3 and Refining to level 2 – this will reduce the amount of wasted material by 3% by each level. For the easiest money you will propably want to mine Veldspar or Scrodite when you first start out. These both have a high amount of Tritanium but only scrodite posesses the pyerite needed for contruction of frigates.

For higher yield and more minerals you will want to mine things with terms such as “condensed” or “fiery.” Basically any that offer from 5 to 10% higher yield. Once you have mined the materials be sure you have a blueprint to use and about 1300 ISK to input your construction order. You may then input the desired blueprint, manufacturing line, and amount of items you want to produce (runs). Click “get quote” and make sure you have all the needed materials and click “ok”. These blueprints can take a while so while you wait, continue mining till the order is done. Once the order has been completed, go to the manufacturing icon in the station and click “My Jobs.” This will bring you to a blank screen. Next, click on the “Get Jobs” button and it will display all the current jobs at any station. Once the order has been completed click “deliver” and the item or items will be delivered directly to your hanger where you can do anything you please with it.

The next guide is to Exploration of new areas in space NOT marked on your quick location monitor. This will require astrometrics level1-3, a core probe launcher, and a few scanner probes. Once you have aquired these items, equip the probe laucher to your ship’s high power slot and fill it with the scanner probes while in a station and train astromectrics. After these steps have been completed, open the scanner icon on your HUD. You will see i small screen pop up but before clicking anything deploy 3 to 4 scanner probes from the core probe launcher. Now go on to the small screen and click on the map icon which will be on the far right hand side. Here you will see everything in your solar system and the probes you launched. Right click on them in the scanner screen and expand their range to 4.0 AU. Spread them out and hit the scan icon. You will then see everything the scanner probes have found. Make them center on what you want to go to and once they have a good measure of distance right click on it and hit warp to 0m. Once you are there you can reap the rewards that you have found.

Eve takes a lot of patience and learning, but these tips will help you on your way!