3 Pro Tips To Survive D.C. Ruined Streets In Division 2

Division 2 is an action shooter game which involves role-playing by the players. It is a sequel to Division, which was released in 2016. The game is set in a near-future Washington DC following a small pox pandemic. If you have played the first release, you might have an idea about the game. But if you are new to Division 2, you can make use of certain tips and tricks to help you understand and play the game better. Just like worldsFactory has several gaming tips, the below tips too will help you play Division 2 in a better way.

  1. Make use of skills and perks

There are 8 skill types to make use of in Division 2. These are particularly useful when you are playing solo. You should aim to grab perks that increase your skill capacity to two. Turret and Chem Launcher is a combination of skills that can help you push forward better.

  1. Keep checking your gears

You should always be alert about your total armor, health and weapon stats. Having sufficient of these three can help you attempt more missions. Your aim should be to gather higher level defensive gear with each increase in game level for playing better. It is important to keep a check on your weapon slots too. You can expand your slots by purchasing perks. Check talents, attributes and brand sets of gears before opting them.

  1. Strike a balance among deconstructing, junking and donating

You can choose to stash, deconstruct or donate the gear which is of no use to you. Junking and deconstructing are two main options to do away with unneeded. You will receive e-credits for the same which can be used to purchase occasional weapon or piece of armor from vendors. You can also buy sold gear from vendors.