What is a PUG in World of Warcraft?

If you are a fan of World of Warcraft and have played recently, you may have encountered the new Dungeon Finder feature. It allows you to PUG more easily. If you are new, PUG stands for “pick up group” and refers to a groups that has randomly assembled to work towards a common goal – typically a dungeon or raid. With the new Dungeon Finder feature, assembling PUG’s has become a lot easier. In addition to the daily reward for completing a PUG, you can also earn the new vanity pet, the Perky Pug. The Perk Pug is earned after you have partnered with 100 different players using the Dungeon Finder.

PUG Etiquette

As a player who PUG’s a lot, let me tell you that a little etiquette goes a long way. Especially when playing lower level characters. While you can kick a member out of your group if they are under performing, try some friendly pointers first. You may be dealing with someone who hasn’t learned the tricks to their character yet. If you need tips and recommendation about character upgrade or even PUG Etiquette then judi online is your destination. You get a number of tips with which you can easily improve your World of Warcraft character.

PUG Tanking and Healing

The longest wait for your PUG to be assembled in the Dungeon Finder is due to waiting for a tank and a healer. Few people want to play these roles, and I don’t blame them. It seems like people are always picking on their tanks and healers. Mostly for their gear. I have tried playing both roles and been picked on in them, even though I didn’t cause the group to wipe. You can’t get the gear if no one lets you practice and play in the role, so go easy on your tanks and healers. Especially at lower levels.

Be Prepared for Your PUG

Last night I was playing with a healer who came to the dungeon with no mana potions or beverages to restore his mana. I was playing my druid, so I had to use my innervate spell to restore his mana so he could heal. It was annoying, but it was still more fun to play that way then to be stuck waiting for a group. I didn’t give him a hard time about it. Everyone screws up in the game at some point in the game, and it is always embarrassing when you are in a group and you have the potential of letting everyone down. So, be supportive instead of kicking a player on their first mistake. Wait for them to really make a fool of themselves first!

Dungeon Finder is Great for PUGS!

I encourage you all to use Dungeon Finder. Especially if you are used to soloing the game like I am. It is a fun way to play with some new people, and you get great loot from the dungeons. You also get great experience points, especially if you are rested. Try it out.