4 easy maintenance tips for Cowhide Rug

Have you ordered for a cowhide rug and eagerly waiting for the delivery? Well, cowhide rugs are simply beautiful and add a lovely edge to your home. You can try out several ideas for a cowhide rug canada. You can have to deck up your hallway while they would also pose a pretty picture before fireplace. But one thing- you have to be careful about proper maintenance of your cowhide rug. Don’t worry, cowhide rug maintenance is really easy and there are just some simple steps that you would have to maintain.

Here is a brief on some expert maintenance tips for cowhide rugs.

Shake & vacuum every week

Make sure to shake your rug minimum once in 7 days. It will help to get rid of lose dust particles and pet dander from the rug. You should also vacuum the rug every week, just after you shake out dust for thorough cleaning. While vacuuming, make sure to set the cleaner at “rug” setting. And always vacuum towards the hair.

Keep away from water

This is one of the most important tips to remember while taking care of your cowhide rug.

Do not spill water on the rug or soak/submerge the rug in water. It’s to note here, water is extremely damaging for cowhide rug. Dry cleaning or steam cleaning is the best possible method to clean the rug.

Be prompt with stains

Accidents happen and your coveted cowhide rug might encounter spills and stains. But, if you are prompt, you can rub out the stains easily from your rug. If there are grease stains, you will first scrape the stain with hard plastic brush. Then, clean it with eucalyptus oil. If there are food stains, after brushing, pour a soapy mix on the stain and clean it with dry cloth.

Rotate the rug

You should also rotate the rug after every 4-6 weeks to prevent uneven wearing.