Libra: Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Social Networking

Nearly a month ago Facebook announced to launch its own cryptocurrency by 2020 named “Libra”. This has been a revolutionary declaration where the world leaders can’t resist passing a move. Only time can reveal the enfolds of this project but let us have a glimpse of all that we know now.

What is Facebook targeting with Libra

The latest revelation has made it clear that Facebook wants to reach out to maximize people even without the facilitation of bank access and thus Libra came to surface. This digital Cryptocurrency or an accomplice of Bitcoin Superstar will roll out on floors by 2020 giving access to billions of users globally.

Libra is speculated to have

Being said to be a technologically efficient cryptocurrency, Libra is estimated to have the below mentioned features or services with its services-

The primary goal of this technology is to develop of general global currency which is accessible by everyone.

It will utilize the blockchain platform and developed by the programming language.

Libra will be independent where Facebook will not have any sort of privileges concerning it.

Facebook users will get easy access to this Cryptocurrency.

David Marcus is also an important personality with Facebook is all the way up for Libra.

Before you create castles in the air it is advised to have an understanding with the hard comings on the way. Law is still in the midst of giving second thoughts to the legalization of digital currency as the world is adapting to it very slowly. Along with it, a tweet made by US President Donald Trump’s clear deniability can be a clear signal if it will never see the sun. But considering the good sites on forefront if Libra came into existence the online exchange will be facilitated like never before.

Entertain More Potential Clients and Customers with Video Marketing

TV commercials have been around for decades, and it have proven itself to be an effective marketing tool. Most popular brands of anything would not be selling like hotcakes without such powerful advertising technique. And today, it has come over to the cyber world, hence making online video marketing a vital part of every market competition.


Online Video Marketing: A Fun Way to Get More Potential Clients or Customers

There is a long list of advantages you can have from online video advertising. In fact, it is one if not the top tool for selling out a brand name today. If you have a new business or company, making videos for it is almost a necessary for success.


For starters, a video can let you showcase your brand name in a fun and entertaining way. This can give you an efficient way to grab their attention, hence you can have a good chance of gaining more potential clients or customers.

You just have to display or post it up on a site or page where many people can see your stuff. Video marketing is still marketing after all, so you have to know where would you place it up. After which, you can start spreading out your video or use some SEO techniques to make you more visible on the web.


Also, you have to make sure you are making good videos for people to be interested to connect with you.

If you still want to know more about doing video marketing for your brand, you should read more articles about it on the web. Also, you can watch tutorials and webinars, or avail services from online marketing experts on These professionals employ techniques and expertise that can help you, which can ensure you of more people coming after your brand.