Follow three useful steps to train your dog

Making your dog fully trained helps the owner to stay free. So every owner wants their dog to be intelligent and smart. So they provide training classes to their dogs regarding how to pee, follow the owner’s command, and so on. If the dog is not taught properly, then he becomes a stray dog and starts doing bad activities . Like we see that dog eating pee pads and throw them at roads. It causes land pollution’s to avoid such problems. The owner should train their dogs to behave in a good manner.

Let’s discuss the useful commands to train the dog

  1. Stay command: this command is used to control the dog. This is the most crucial command which helps the dog to follow his owners command. If we say stay to the dog, then the dog immediately stops their work and stands still. Always reward your puppy.
  2. Sit command: the most easiest and important command of dog training is sit command. Every dog should know about this command. So whenever the owner asks the dogs to sit, then the dogs should have enough knowledge about the words and take a sitting posture. Whenever the dogs follow the command, do love him, and praise him.
  3. Leave it commands: the leave it commands helps the owner to stop them from doing any unwanted activity. So this command should be followed bit dogs effectively efficiently. If the dogs are unaware of the term left, then the owner will face many problems in handling the dog.

In summary

Feel proud of your dogs when they follow the instructions. Always praise and give love to your dog whenever he obeys you. You should not try to hurt your pets when they disobey you.try to improve their training session.

Train Your Furry Friend with a Dog Shock Collar

Is your dog starting to show the typical signs of disobedience problems, such as pooping on your newly upholstered sofa, jumping at small children or barking at absurd things? It may be the right time to try a shock collar!


Gone are the days when you need to wake up in the middle of the night because of the endless barks of your dog. Also, you won’t have difficult time trying your pet to follow orders. Shock collars prove to be an effective solution, and has the information you need about the dog shock collars.

This training device has three types:

  • Pet containment system (also called underground/electric dog fences) – keeps the dog restrained in a particular are of the home or yard. A wire will be buried around the area’s perimeter.
  • Shock bark collars – works by giving dogs a static shock every time they bark.
  • E-Collars – works just like the shock bark collars and the pet containment systems. The pet wears a receiver collar, and a static shock correction will produce when you catch them misbehaving.

Choosing the right shock collar for your dog

It is indeed quite complex to choose a shock collar for your beloved canine friend, especially with so many options being presented to you. To get an idea of what you can buy, let me give you some dog shock collars popularly used today. These can be found online and in most pet stores.

The first one is the Pet Safe Nano Bark Collar. This can be adjusted to provide different shock levels depending on the size of your dog. We also have the Sport Dog Bark Control, which has been professionally designed to work well indoors and even outside.

Regardless of what product you choose, have the peace of mind that you can train your dog in an easy and quick manner with this training device.

5 Interesting Facts About Honey Badgers

Honey Badgers are interesting animals and there’ so much to learn about them. They have an interesting history and their fearless attitude make them so captivating. If you look at them, youcan hardly believe that this cute looking animal is actually capable of eating snakes, turtles, and even chasing away lions and leopards. Here are some interesting facts about Honey Badger.

  • Honey Badgers are named so because they love eating sweet honey. These little monsters live in The Cape and they can actually steal honey from the most ferocious bee hives. They are also known as ratel which is derived from the Dutch translation for honeycomb.

  • The bird Honeyguide shows them the direction to the bee hives where they attack the hives and eat honey after the bees are gone. Honeyguide eats what is left over after the honey badger has left. There are not many evidences to prove this theory though.
  • They have a potentially dangerous gland located beneath their tail base. When they find themselves in danger or stress, they leave a stink bomb to protect themselves. This is rotten smell as bad as the one left by scent-leaver.
  • Honey badgers have won the title of ‘World’s Most Fearless Creature’ in the Guinness Book of World, but there’s much more to them than just being fearless. They are also one of the meanest animals who are always invasive and ready to pick a fight. They don’t mind fighting with a porcupine.

  • Honey badgers are omnivores and they will eat just anything. Yes, anything even if that means fruit, eggs, mammals, insects, larvae, birds, reptiles, plants, and roots.
  • Honey badgers don’t care about housekeeping and when he is not in a mood to make his own bed, he will actually go and sleep in others. They are known to sneak inside the tunnels of foxes, dens of aardvarks, spring hares and mongoose.

So, here are our top 5 best interesting facts about honey badger. If you know some more, we would like to hear them in the comments below.