Some Of The Signs That Your Website Need To Upgrade To VPS Hosting

When we first create our website, we usually choose a shared hosting service since it is the best option for a small website. But, when the website starts growing and starts getting many visitors daily, then a shared hosting server is not just enough, and you need something more powerful, a hosting environment that is capable of handling your growing website. A VPS server or Virtual Private Server is an excellent and suitable option for a growing website. It will offer you better performance and security. But, sometimes you won’t be able to figure out if your website needs a web hosting service for VPS hosting, in such a case you need to check for the signs that will tell that your website needs to upgrade to VPS hosting and they are

  • You are getting complains about the slow loading of the website:

when you have a shared hosting plan then it accommodates a good amount of traffic, it is okay to use it in the starting phase of your website. However, as soon as your website starts getting heavy traffic, the shared hosting server will not be able to handle it, and as a result, your website will become slow.

  • Increased downtime:

if you have a shared server, you will notice longer downtimes, it is not a problem for beginners, but if your website generates large revenue then even a minute of downtime is a problem.

  • Security issues:

if you have a shared server, the risk of your website being hacked is very likely. If you are under shared server, then mistake of any other website on that server can harm your website too.

These were some of the signs that tell that you need a VPS hosting and you can easily get it from various web hosting services.