Muscle Hoals Sound is looking for brilliant minds who can contribute content for us. We are in need of authors, bloggers, writers, guests, and storytellers, among others.

What are the topics?

Muscle Hoals Sound provides information about various topics. This includes arts, entertainment, automobiles, business, communications, computers, technology, gadgets, apps, gaming, and software. We also talk about finance, the internet, law and order, government, real estate, education, shopping, product review, market, food and drink and much more stuff.

How long should our articles be?

Our articles are usually 200 to 500-word long. But, we do not prohibit you to write as many words as you can. For as long as it comes from your heart, it is factual, it can inspire people and it has sense, it will be acceptable!

Should I write a headline for my story?

Yes, please. We wanted you to have the liberty to craft a title or headline for your own story. Just a simple tip! Make sure it is 8 to 14-word long. Moreover, add some SEO keywords so that it will attract more readers.

Do you have any writing tips?

As much as possible, write in the “you” voice. Your posts should be written in blog style, with short paragraphs, bullets, and numbered lists. We also appreciate sub-headings. Lastly, remember our basic rule: one space between sentences.

How to submit?

You can submit your articles through our contact form. After you send your article, our editor will review your submission to determine if it can make it to our blog. The whole team will also deliberate about it. After we collect the team’s feedback, we will immediately let you know about our decision.


Muscle Hoals Sound will be happy to be working with you soon. Should you have other concerns, feel free to ask us through our contact form.


Thank you!